Caffe latte Loughton - Very poor customer relations

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I've been here quite a few times and although no fireworks, it makes a change from the usual suspects in the High Road.But today was the last time and I've torn up my two full loyalty cards.

Imagine arguing in front of a *** of customers, being belittled and when you prove you're right, not a hint of an apology.

If it were my gaff, I'd have come over and offered a conciliatory cup of tea as a minimum.No class, or style, my bet is it will last 12 months as there's never enough customers to support such a big shop in a prime location.

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caffe latte haha,have been there once,just remember the manager with yellow gloves standing out from the place they cook,they buy a very cheap food from the markets like bread jam and others and give the big price-simple kiosk for old people.

Caffe latte Loughton - Poor service

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We thought we'd try a new cafe down our high road, as we usually go to molens or fratelli, Caffe latte looks nice as you walk in, very nicely decorated.However this cafe wont last very long, we went in and it was quite busy but nothing 7 employees couldn't handle.

My food came before my coffee and the food was an absolute shambles coming at all different times some arriving luke warm also.

Many other customers also seemed to be very annoyed also and not once did i see the manager make it his business to sort these problems out.The employees and manager seemed very inexperienced, will not be returning.


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Caffe latte Loughton - Don't bother !

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Staff didn't have a clue what they were doing, took over half an hour to wait for a panini and coffee, even though another customer who came in after me ordered and was served a panini before me.When we Ordered a can of coke, rather than telling us that they'd sold out (have you ever heard of a cafe selling out of coke,honestly....there's a Morrisons just opposite) they gave me a diet coke !

Terrible service.

I will not be going back there.The seemingly dozens of staff were young and seemed to be in need of training .



I come to this restaurant 2-3 times a week it's great from mummy's and children. The toilets are spotless, food is good and a fair price. The Scottish girl who works there is really lovely can't do enough to help u always polite nothing never seams be a problem to help a customer


The food was good but we found that the italian worker was unhelpful and didnt really have any interest in the customers


Is this mess still opened.Good Luck for THE manager!

Caffe latte Loughton - Terrible service,don't waste your money here


we visited this store on Saturday 9 Feb 2013,new cafe in Loughton we thought we would give this try.We had our 3 children with us and we were hungry.We were ignored on arrival ,staff did not know what they were doing.We noticed people walking out and thought maybe this was not a good sign.We were so hungry and decided to stay.We ordered our food and paid our bill an hour after ordering the

Manager had told us kitchen is closed,you can only have drinks.Absolutely shocking !please don't waste your time and money terrible! There is many cafes in Loughton of much better quality.


London, England, United Kingdom #802400

horrible,terrible just a joke :cry


All one big ***-staff-Shop -and The Boss :grin ,soo cheap,soo bad and sad.

Epping, England, United Kingdom #673935

Lovely service, I went to this café on Monday and was greeted and served by a friendly, chatty member of staff, she made me feel very welcome .

London, England, United Kingdom #666006

Italian lady is very rude, maybe its a language barrier but the way she spoke to me was in a rude tone

London, England, United Kingdom #659073

Just the worse in Loughton,manager should go on a catering course..the food and service are simply a joke!!be prepared to wait ages for food and when you get it its cold and stale.

Epping, England, United Kingdom #643751

Really can't understand the comments on here.I went there last Wednesday and thought the food was lovely.

I like the way it was presented and came out fast.The only criticism is serving staff do seem a little lost and I did have to ask for a coffee twice but they are kids at the end of the day, probably on very low wages!

Harlow, England, United Kingdom #643748

Came in here last week, ordered an omelette which was awful !It was falling apart and not cooked properly.

When I complained to the Italian woman there, she was very rude and was offered no refund.Also very noisy, lots of babies crawling about the shop.

to Colin #644338

I really agree with Colin,the Italian woman is very rude,I remember that day when I came there,ordered breakfast and got something else,she asked me -what is your problem?Is it the way staff should ask customer?Sorry but I come and I pay.The menu is very simple,just pay attention what kind of food they serve-so cheap,I am courious how much they spend for the products.Fish finger sandwich is awful and disgusting.Staff is alright exept the italian one.Mostly young staff-you understand why.


The food here is lovely, especially on Saturdays where I always get a massive fry up. Defiantely value for money and the staff are so lovely too.


It is soooo boring there,terrible,staff complaining about their boss.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #634626

Came last week there,it was empty.I was very hungry so ordered a wrap.I payed for that and sat down.I was waiting fourty minutes for the wrap,it was not busy and I asked the staff about my food,they were surprised like did not know nothing and at the same time they just started to cook my meal,I just wanted my money back.I will never come back there.


This is the worst shop in Loughton.I was with my two kids there for a lunch,I just want to pass to all mothers coming with their kids-just DO NOT Buy kids food there!Someone should check the shop,especially food becouse our kid's health is important.


I came in here for a nice coffee, the staff behind the counter are VERY lovely and chatty.But y main concern is, the manager...I was sitting near the counter, when i over heard the manager rudely talking to his employees, it was really off putting seeing a manager not doing his job at all!

Will not come back because of the MANAGER.:)

to Louise London, England, United Kingdom #628847

Same!I came in yesterday (25/3/2013) and it seemed like we were forced out about 5:30.

They closed up around us!!!

The place smells weird and the manager is rude.Hope it gets closed down soon.


Very funny place,just 2 kids highchairs,a lot of space like empty,it smells ,the staff is lost,no diet coke,dark and sad place,its just not worth of wasting money and time there.Boring!


I really like caffe latte ,I was first time here and really enjoyed my breakfast,staff was very kind,do not worry about theese comments,there are always customers who complain.its a new shop so its just started,congratulations for coffe latte owner,wish U happiness!


We also experienced very bad service here.we found mould on the bread .when we mentioned this to the staff they said its fresh it was made 3 days ago!!

I agree don't waste your money here.

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